Repeated Lives Book II: Talias Return

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This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I am SO happy to report that I loved it just as much as I was hoping I would. If you want to read a romance that is equal parts sexy and swooney, look no further. View all 3 comments. Aug 26, Nilufer Ozmekik rated it really liked it.

Talia the fearless motorcycle racer (and great-great-granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas I)

Wow 4. Amen to that!

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One day she had a nearly dead experience. A drunk driver got into a store, instead of crashing her which made her think she had one life to live so she needed to escape from the cocoon that her protective and lovely family wrapped around her and prepare a list to teach her how to take more risks and bring more fun into her dull, foreseeable life.

Faites-vous plaisir

As soon as she moved to an apartment she meet with super-duper hottie intendent Red-ford who was always seeing red on their encounters. Then we start witnessing their slow burn romantic relationship. Chloe has to deal with her insecurities because of her illness. Now he needs a take a step to embrace his new opportunities by opening his heart to new and meaningful love. Two of them literally collided and made wrong impressions about their real intentions.

They started to think the worst of each other. But a beautiful cat made her job as a secret cupid to bring them together and helped them connect. So they took a first step from enemies to become friends. Chloe needs help of Red to fulfill her list and Red needs an efficient website for his comeback operation for his new drawings.

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It started with friends with benefits agreement not including sex, Chloe excluded that option from her list but then…. No more spoiler… Grab the book and keep your sassy smile. A small spoiler… The chemistry between the couple is hot as hell. I was truly adamant to give five stars to this book. But… there is an angsty moment… which is not too necessary… a little pissed me off… I know every new relationship with the characters who have heavy baggage from their pasts can stumble with struggles but I wish the author visualized far better obstacles between those characters.

But I still loved this romantic story! I adored the couple! Special thanks to Avon and Netgalley to share this wonderful read with me in exchange my honest review!

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

View all 6 comments. Shelves: from-publisher , netgalley.

View all 9 comments. People can be quite awful. I have never, in my entire life, read a book with a character that has suffered exactly like me. To see what I have been through reflected on a page, and to see the beautiful story of self-betterment and healthy romance that Chloe went through had me in tears.

This is the story of Chloe Brown, a thirty-one-year-old that when faced with a near-death experience, realises that she has let her chronic illnesses Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, CF, migraines, muscle weakness stop her from living the life she wants. But she was sassy, sarcastic, brave, hilarious and beautifully vulnerable. She was a strong character, who despite her faulty body and the potential kickback that comes with attempting to live even a slightly normal life, was determined to challenge herself. Now Redford. My dear, beloved Red.

Red was thoughtful and sensitive despite his rough exterior and was always conscious of Chloe, thinking of ways to subtly help her. Red himself carried around some emotional trauma and baggage from a past emotionally and physically abusive relationship, and the way you see him slowly work through it a man taking part in therapy, HELL YES! Living for this healthy rep and romance was a true highlight. It touched on so many subjects; but for me, the chronic illnesses rep meant the most.

A Fresh Start 🌴 - The Sims 4 Island Living (Part 1)

Thank you so much to the publishers for the eARC in exchange for a review! All the stars!!! I'm so bloody emotional after reading this! Red and Chloe are the sweetest and must be protected at all costs. View all 12 comments. I know this is still a long way off, but I am just so unspeakably proud of my fave for getting signed on with Avon for this trilogy and I cannot wait to buy 18 copies of it and shove them in everyone's faces until she's just as popular and widely adored as she deserves to be. View 2 comments. I enjoyed myself a lot reading my first Talia Hibbert book! So many tropes I loved combined into one book.

The author managed to both deliver a fun and sexy romance with emotionally charged moments all the while dealing with serious themes like chronic illness and relationship abuse. Chloe Brown is me. So uncanny. Introverted, shy, reserved. Her prickly and snobbish appearance is a facade she uses as armor. Wit and sarcasm she wields as metaphorical weapons.

Hate to love you trope anyone? How about a Next door neighboor trope? Heroine making a life achievement list? Redford riling up Chloe on purpose made for some great banter and so entertaining to watch. He could see her calves again today, and her ankles, circled by the leather straps of her shiny shoes. He drank in every detail like some sexually deprived Victorian bloke.

Redford is set on helping Chloe through the neatly printed list she created to "get a life", but along the way we can also see Chloe helping Redford processing unresolved issues. Redford Morgan was… charming. So charming. The man is obsessed with the prickly, arrogant next door woman. And secret mutual fascination. I loved watching them fall for each other. I adored watching them try not to. Kiss him!

‎Repeated Lives: Talia's Return Book II on Apple Books

SO good! So hot! With all these new illustrated covers flooding the romance genre I feel a content warning or rather a warrant of "hotness" is needed. Personally I love illustrated covers but they are kind of misleading.

Not that I mind the later… On the contrary.