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  1. Construction Of A Pilot Motorized Mixer
  2. Looking for a digital mixer with motorized faders to work with SONAR | Cakewalk Forums
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This process means that they essentially "rebuilt" classic analog gear in the digital domain. They call it "Acoustic Integration". X32 serves the user a full complement of 25 long-throw, mm motorized servo faders for primary mix control. They always strive to provide the best possible Customer Experience. Their products are made in their own MUSIC Group factory using state-of-the-art automation, enhanced production workflows and quality assurance labs with the most sophisticated test equipment available in the world. As a result, they have one of the lowest product failure rates in the industry, and they confidently back it up with a generous 3-Year Warranty program.

Shipping Free. The endless encoders are just as silky with their movement. I also love the spacing they have between faders, encoders, and buttons. Everything isn't crammed together. All the controls are distinctive and you don't have to worry about pressing one by mistake, or having your knuckles bumping into each other because two encoders are right next to each other. The buttons also have excellent backlighting for using the P1 in darker environments.

So the overall look and feel are excellent. Usually ships within 1 to 3 months. Ramos Orlando, Fl United States. Meet expectations!!! Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

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So far so good. I also have a custom built desk with my master midi keyboard built in. So between me and my MCUs is my 88 key midi keyboard and then an apple keyboard, which makes reaching my MCU a bit of a stretch. My desktop can slide over my midi keyboard, but even with that, my mcu v-pots always feel a little out of reach. The size of the platform m is perfect though. I can even reach the v-pot why playing my keyboard.

Love the color as well. Faders are solid In Stock.

Construction Of A Pilot Motorized Mixer

Guzman NYC. I had my router configured to not broadcast Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Arguably one of the things the world needed most was a non-Presonus Faderport type device. Behringer is continuing their takeover of the audio world and this is a great piece that is bringing more and more serious recording musicians back on the Behringer brand. Just for starters the encoder knob is much more solid and accurate, it has a very accurate time clock and mini screen - neither of which are on the more expensive Faderpro. Audio folks are meticulous about this; you don't want a design that contaminates their scrupulously maintained audio.

Fun with motorized faders

I'll offer my crack at explanation. Consider charge to be like water. The pulse turns on the current flow through the inductor for some duration.

When the pulse ends, that amount of charge flows into the capacitor increasing the voltage on it. The diode make it only flow in and not back out. It averages out to a voltage depending on the PWM duty cycle. Now, how to use that voltage to smoothly control a DC motor bidirectionally?

Looking for a digital mixer with motorized faders to work with SONAR | Cakewalk Forums

Check out this chip! The MC does exactly that. I love it. Internal chip schematic attached. To make life easier, there are some MC based board kits, though I couldn't find any Arduino shields with them. You won't need to mess with power transistors, op-amps, comparitors and all that; it's internal.

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It does add a little cost, though. One little board for each fader. It will give a smooth noiseless professional result. Mytx, I'm still thinking about your cool project. I think you should forget about any Arduino PWM at all and do the analog output part with hardware, too. That means you can set all 24 faders using just 3 of these chips and using up only 6 Arduino output pins.

Picking the best control surface

Now you just need a means to read in the 24 fader voltages. It can save a whole faders snapshot as an array of 24 integers. You can have many of these. When you want to recall a set of settings, your code reads the array and outputs all 24 numbers converting from 12 to 8 bits to the 3 AD chips. Those 24 voltages instantly change and and so the 24 MC chips or mini boards automtically and quietly, without pulses, move the sliders.

Your software can also first read the current settings, compute deltas from the desired new settings, and approach the new voltages in multiple steps. The steps could be non linear, in effect quickly zooming and then slowing down at the end. Techylah, thanks for all the information and for your help!

I'm investigating about all the chips you shared. They look like interesting options. What do you think about the delay between data sent from the computer and motor response using AD chips? Is it something to be worried about? I think the delay would be insignificant. The Arduino isn't doing much calculation, just shifting data in and out. Also motors are inherently slow.

48-Channel / 36-Bus Digital Mixers with Motorized Faders

They don't start up immediately because of inertia. I think it's also good to not ask the Arduino to do too much. It's an embedded controller. Not a PC with all sorts of menus and options in a UI.