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One of the peasants prayed to the supreme divinity to witness the world of the gods and be convinced of the existence of immortality. The gods, of course, couldn't allow a human into their abode.

The History Of England's Crown Jewels

But taking pity on the peasant, one of the gods took the cup of immortality and sprinkled it around the world. Falling, the spray turned into gorgeous blue stones - sapphires - and most of the drops, as legend has it, fell on Sri Lanka. The color of Sapphire royal blue prevails in the decks and the boxes are finessed with blue foil overflows. What's more, the cards are designed with all new faces.

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Yes, you heard right: new card faces. In our deck you'll see a twist on the classic images of Kings, Queens and Jacks, with the decks representing the opposition of the Kings of East and West - bringing the battles of ancient kings to your gaming table! Backers who opt for the luxury box will receive our traditional box for two decks with dealer coin. The main stretch goal remains halfway.

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And in order to make this way a little more fun, we, as promised, present another surprise. We will give everyone - you have heard that right - the Original Multifunctional Headwear in style BUFF with images of cards of the deck and the name of the series.

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The book "Unknown Playing Cards History" is a free gift for backers who supported the project at the level of two decks or above. This is our fourth project at Kickstarter and we have a solid idea of how everything works.

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We are confident that this Kickstarter campaign will be an even smoother process than our last projects. We have a wide experience in manufacturing and shipping and if everything goes smoothly, all backers should receive the decks and add-ons on time. However, unforeseen situations can always occur, so we have to take into account the risks in manufacturing and transportation. We took into account all the feedback of the backers from previous projects, fine-tuned the schedule and printing process, and worked hard on the logistics.

We ensure that all backers will get their rewards. Manufacturing: Printing decks of playing cards is a standard procedure, but there are always risks.

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    Crown Jewels of the Wire

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    Story highlights Britain's Crown Jewels contain some of the most famous precious stones in the world The collection has been worn by members of the British monarchy for generations Jewels kept in Tower of London, watched over by Yeomen Warders, or "Beefeaters" New-look exhibition unveiled just in time for Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. They are some of the most spectacular diamonds, rubies and sapphires in the world, and they have graced the outfits of monarchs for centuries, now -- just in time for Queen Elizabeth 's Diamond Jubilee -- Britain's Crown Jewels have gone on display in a new-look exhibition.

    Once through the heavy steel doors -- weighing 2, kilos each -- visitors are guided through the process of coronation, allowing them to feel part of the procession, with all its pomp and circumstance. After following a line of golden trumpets and heavy maces, they are introduced to the regalia of the ceremony: Robes, anointing oil and ceremonial swords, before coming face to face with the fabled gems themselves, set in a succession of stunning crowns, scepters and orbs. Fashion and treats fit for a Queen. Some even come with their own superstitions.

    The Koh-i-Nur its name means "Mountain of Light" , for example, is only ever set in crowns made for female members of the monarchy. Read more: The Royal family tree. The jewels that visitors see today have been worn by British monarchs for generations, but in historical terms, Dixon-Smith says, they are "a relatively new collection. The originals were destroyed in the wake of the Civil War, which saw King Charles I overthrown and executed in The oldest piece on display is the 12th century Coronation Spoon, which survived the break-up and melting down of the old jewels.

    More Videos Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee Many of the items in the Tower of London today date back to the restoration of the monarchy in , and the rule of King Charles II, though the collection has been added to and expanded over the centuries since.

    William and Catherine attend Jubilee